Get an Olympic Workout with These Snowboarders’ iPod Playlists

playlistOne of the most watched triumphs of the 2010 winter games was U.S. snowboarder Shaun White’s groundbreaking final gold medal performance on the halfpipe — to Guns and Roses, no less. For a sport that’s just in its third Olympics, there’s no question that snowboarding is having its day.

We asked Gretchen Bleiler (pictured in a jacket she designed) and Elena Hight, who both represented the U.S. in Thursday’s Women’s Halfpipe, what songs they had in rotation at the gym and on the mountain as they geared up for the spotlight.

Gretchen Bleiler: “I really respond to music with a lot of confidence. I try to get a good mix of genres, then it’s all about the beat of the songs–making sure I have some that fire me up and some that ground me.”

“Wolf Like Me” TV on the Radio
“It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop” Dead Prez
“Your Voice” Stiffed
“Heart in a Cage” The Strokes
“Ayo Technology” 50 Cent
“Session” The Offspring
“It’s Like That” Run DMC
“Hurricane” Bob Dylan

Elena Hight: “I’ve got such a range–when I wake up tired and sore, ‘Just Dance’ is the perfect song to get me moving, and ‘Live Your Life’ is so good to compete to. It always puts me in a great mindset. But ‘Party in the USA’ has definitely been the theme song for the season. Every day heading up to the hill for a contest or a practice day my boyfriend [Greg Bretz, also on the U.S. snowboard team] and I blast this in the truck to get excited and just let all the jitters out.”

“Party in the USA” Miley Cyrus
“Empire State of Mind” Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys
“Sweet Home Alabama” Lynryd Skynyrd
“99 Red Balloons” Bjork
“Just Dance” Lady Gaga
“Live Your Life” T.I. Ft. Rihanna
“Fool in the Rain” Led Zepplin
“Mrs. Officer” Lil’ Wayne
“Dancing with Myself” Billy Idol
“Heartbreaker” Pat Benatar

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